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Originally Posted by TailGator911 View Post
So will this lapel spkr/mic work with the TRX-1? Mot sure I even need it, as I am more than satisfied and impressed with the audio from this scanner. I am only thinking of when I am driving and the scanner is on the cradle in my car, would be very convenient to have good clear sound close to the ear in a noisy environment.

If it works on a PSR 800, as was posted earlier, then most likely it will work on a TRX 1, since they are basically the same radio. Also should work on the 668, Pro 18, 1080, 1088, 1095, 1098, and the TRX 2, since all these radios are basically the same. I haven't tested it on my 1080 due to cost, but I am confident it will work. A 3.5mm jack is an industry standard used on on many audio products.
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