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Default 27mhz business radio

Quite possibly posting in the wrong forum but here we go anyway as my question concerns LMR as opposed to true Class D Citizens band radio.
I bought (on purpose) on Ebay, a Pace BI-35A base station in the business band portion of 11 meters. This radio is nearly an exact clone of the CB-76 23 channel base station with the exception of instead of a 23 channel selector, it has a 6 position channel selector. I opened it up and it has one set of crystals in position 1 on 27.450 mhz. a quick look inside also revealed a probably 25-40 watt final amplifier with a pretty hefty heat sink mounted on the back of the cabinet. This "CB" business band has always intrigued me but there is precious little information to be found on the net. Im looking for any factual information on both this radio, Pace Pathcom other business rigs, or any first accounts from actual legal users or license holders on this unique slice of spectrum including other manufacturers of 27 mhz type accepted business radios. At first glance my "new" rig appears to be AM. Could that be?

Thanks in advance. Andy
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