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As has been said many times before, encrypting everything only goes to the benefit of the radio vendors bank account. I have no reservations on encrypting specific channels and or talkgroups for things like SWAT, Admin and drug teams. But for the most part, it can become a major problem for the daily dispatching.

The radio vendors have refined their wine and dine tactics to the point they know exactly when to spring the big E on the management people they are meeting with. They make it sound like it's a life and death situation if everything isn't encrypted. Then these same vendors smile all the way to the bank. In their wake is the headaches of trying to communicate with other agencies, changing the encryption keys now and then and trying to keep track of who needs what encryption key.

Been in this radio field a really long time and have seen this wave of pushing for full encryption through the entire fleet of radios across the country. If an agency is upgrading to a new P25 system, even more effort is put on these agencies by the sales force to get encryption included with the new radio system. The poor tax payer ends up taking it where the sun don't shine.

I know this topic has been beat to death.