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Originally Posted by dustinw251 View Post
Forgive me if I am in the wrong group, I am looking for suggestions on a shorter glassmount antenna to utilize Motorola xtl5000 series radio in the 7/800mhz range. I have done a couple of searches online but very few of them come up in the 764mhz range. Any suggetions??? A lot of antennas come up for the 806+ range but not a lot below. I see several cellular based antennas but was not sure if those would be sufficient or not.
You didn't mention what power level the radio transmitter is operating at. Most of the LWIN radios are in the 45 watt range or so for the XTL family. using the window mount for LWIN use in your area will probably cause you coverage problems in your area. There are not that many towers to cover your area on the LWIN system.

You would be much better off just biting the bullet and putting an NMO roof mount on your vehicle. It can be used for other antennas down the road if you end up no longer needing the mount for the 700 MHz. antenna.

It's not an issue when you go to trade in the vehicle. All the dealer cares about is that the roof doesn't leak from rain.

The only word of caution I will give you is not to use an electrician hole saw. The 3/4 inch saw you buy at the hardware store is not 3/4 inch, but closer to over an inch. It is made for the conduit fittings. Using one of these hole saws will be way too large for the normal 3/4 inch hole that the NMO mount requires. plus you need to be aware of doing damage to the head liner in the vehicle.

You can send me a private message if you want and I can give you some first hand information on this.
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