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Originally Posted by prcguy View Post
If the ARES member was carrying a firearm against the rules of ARES, and they used it in legal self defense and killed an attacker, the scum bag lawyers for the dead person will go after ARES in addition to the person who fired the gun. ARES and other groups prohibit firearms due to this extreme liability.
Absolutely. The ARRL has deeper pockets than most ARES volunteers. Even if the ARES volunteer is carrying some form of legal defense insurance (various organizations will insure an individual against the legal fees resulting from a use of deadly force incident), the "victim's" attorneys will most certainly go after the ARRL. Which is kinda the point of this line of thinking.

I agree that withdrawal is an option. Way too many gun owners believe that their weapon is the only solution to a bad situation. Simply walking away is almost always the best answer. Unless, of course, those feral hogs can run faster than I can.

There is much more to protecting oneself against bodily harm than just carrying a firearm.
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