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Originally Posted by LynchburgCSI View Post
For those of you using an RS Pro-668 like I am to monitor this system, what DSP setting tweaks are you using?
I have Whistler Scanners--
I bought these and sold all my older scanners for the upcoming CVRCS upgrades.
I feel your pain as I have been struggling to tweak these to make at least the Lynchburg site trunk properly.
I put a Yagi up a few weeks ago-however within the last week - Especially over the weekend- is been sporadic. Choppy and broken-But the signal is full scale.
I ended up putting a Dedicated Wilson 800MHZ Antenna 30 feet up-
Lynchburg is maybe 60% now-
However Amherst is perfect. Just like the STARS system. No simulcast Distortion at all.
And I am hearing Bedford and Lynchburg Talk Groups on the Amherst site as well.
Don't know how much I'm missing-but For now I just locked out the Bedford and Lynchburg sites.
Try these DSP settings:
DSP Level Adapt-62 to 64
ADC Gain -2DB
DAC Gain -4DB
Right now I'm using 64 with the DSP level adapt and--Amherst again--is perfect....
Your mileage may vary----I spent days tweaking those settings.
Doing anything mobile I found I had to be closer to the cities-(Sites)
I went to Bedford city last week and the scanner worked pretty well.
In the city----as soon as I hit 460 East about 3-4 miles out-it got choppy.
I'm going to be ordering a Dual Band Unification G5 this week..
These seem to overcome the simulcast distortion well----just as good as a decicated P25 commercial radio. I have not tried the systems with a Uniden scanner-maybe someone can chime in on the performance.
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