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Originally Posted by MCore25 View Post
I do see arguments for both sides though but I would agree that if someone is legally allowed to carry firearms, then that is their call. I see the liability issue on the organizational standpoint. There are two kinds of civilian who carries a firearm...the one who wants to be the hero and the one who believes its a last choice in preservation of life/limb.
This I agree with.
A CCW permit on it's own doesn't automatically make someone trustworthy. Neither does having an amateur radio license. Having both together doesn't change that.

Some people will do dumb things when they think they have power over someone else. It doesn't always end well.

I don't have an issue with CCW either. What I have an issue with is the people that think it puts them in a position of authority or power over others. In my mind, it's an extension of the "whacker" mentality. I have a radio/flashy lights/stickers/badge/uniform, so that puts me in charge.
My opinion: CCW permits need to be harder to get, and these sorts of conversations reinforce that. Someone thinking they can solve an issue quickly yet their only tool is a fire arm scares me. There's other resolutions that should be attempted before killing someone else. I don't trust average Joe citizen to make that decision on the fly.

Again, my own personal opinion, flawed as it may be.
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