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Originally Posted by W9BU View Post
The first thing I thought of when I read that sentence was that we need a point scale to determine the level of, well, at the risk of being offensive, whackerness.

Radio -- 0 points because you wouldn't be an ARES/RACES/etc. volunteer if you didn't have a radio
More than one radio -- 1 point for each radio in excess of one radio
Scanner in addition to first radio -- 2 points
Stickers -- 1 point for one ARES sticker on the vehicle
Additional stickers -- 2 points for any sticker on the vehicle that says "emergency communication", "emcomm", etc.
Reflective vest -- 2 points
Flashy lights -- 3 points
Uniform -- 3 points
Fake amateur radio operator badge -- 5 points
Gun -- 10 points

What total number of points makes you a, well, at the risk of being offensive, whacker?

Given the number of police officers who have been involved in unjustified shootings recently, I'm not sure how much I trust the police.
I'm probably going to regret stepping in to this conversation but here goes:

The telltale whacker behavior is really spelled out in the majority of your list. He's trying to impress everyone with the flashy toys and gear and making sure everyone knows he has it. If he has a CCW, very few if any should know he is carrying. If it's something he's bringing up all the time then 10 points might not be high enough.

I've got nothing against CCWs. In fact statistically, they're involved in fewer wrongful shootings than are LEOs and are generally pretty "law abiding". A sidearm should be used as a last resort. Nothing wrong with losing face and living another day if at all possible. Granted, that isn't always and option.

All that being said, though I understand a groups desire to limit its liability, I'm not one to join an organization that wants me to check my constitutional rights at the door. What others should I give up? Right to free speech? Freedom from illegal search and seizure? Cruel and unusual punishment?

Edit: Oh and one thing. "Fake" amateur radio operators badge? I didn't know there was such a thing, real or fake.
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