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Default G5 PPS Issue (Site ID Wrong)

I'm posting this in case someone else sees it. Hoping to save you some heartache.

I was getting no traffic on one of the sites programmed in a system I monitor. I double-checked everything and it was still dead silent. I did notice on the G5 display that the site that was displayed seemed wrong (it showed 2, but the site ID of this site is actually 3), but I assumed that the site displayed on the G5 was from the # column in the site list and not actually the site ID.

After nothing else would work, I enabled "Site Trunking" on my system and programmed the pager again. Everything immediately started working, but I also noticed that the site on the G5 display was now showing Site 3. Just to be sure, I disabled Site Trunking (David recommends this be disabled) and reprogrammed the radio again. Everything still works fine and the site ID is still correct.

Apparently, PPS did not program the pager with the site ID that was entered into my table. By forcing a small change to the system and saving it, the bad data PPS was using was apparently corrected and all is well. (Just my guess.)

By the way, I'm coming from a Uniden BCD436HP and I'm monitoring a site that has terrible problems with multicast distortion. The Uniden was never able to get good results. It was sometimes okay, but I'd still miss words in transmissions on the best days. The G5 is absolutely perfect! Crystal clear with no distortion at all. I'm quite impressed with this little radio.

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