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Originally Posted by bradrnstyle View Post
We have all seen the typical African Land Rover safai scene with the giant HF whip antenna on the front bumper. Does anyone know what these are used for? Example: Alaska has a state wide 5MHz emergency frequency open to everyone. Does Africa (or a country within it) have something similar? I'm just wondering what they use those for...

DECADES ago I was on such a safari (tourism/photos, not killing animals...) for 10 days in Kenya & Tanzania. Type 2 VWs without radio were used for some parts, but in more rugged parts we were transported in the Land Rovers with radios. It was before I was a radio-geek, but in retrospect, the comms were SSB & thus likely HF, and the main facility at Ngorongoro had an HF beam antenna on a tower. I suspect that licenses (if any...) were for a couple freqs allocated to the commercial tour operator, and maybe -hopefully- the ability to utilize area park warden/police/military channels in a contingency.

Your best bet is to try contacting the entity that's operating one of the vehicles with VHF Low-Band or HF antennas, the next time you see one on TV (unless it's an old episode of Daktari or Kimba the White Lion).
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