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I helped set up radios for a Safari that went to Tanzinia and we built up some portable VHF repeaters with Motorola mobiles and RICK controllers in wheeled transport cases. Repeater antennas were large Comet base type as they could ship in a small package and get assembled on site. Several military surplus 40ft mast kits were purchased from Fair Radio Sales.

Most radios were Motorola Sabers and the entire system worked great with one of the repeaters set up on the side of Mt Kilimanjaro. Car batteries were charged and swapped out on a regular basis and since labor is cheap there and that was a better option than trying to ship and set up suitable solar charging systems.

The customer was not from the US and didn't care what frequencies were used and had no intention of getting any licences, so we did a little research and programmed the system on several VHF pairs plus some simplex. That was maybe 20yrs ago and I still use some of the mast kits and antennas that were brought back from Tanzinia.
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