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Hello EVM and All: No your in the right place, and great question / subject, a real part of CB radio many years ago.

As I understand there were many Business Band Frequencies / Channels out there, it would be great if someone could post these frequencies. The CB Radio Manufactures sold many of these Business Band (BB) radios for Ma and Pa small business. Everyone wanted a BB Radio as many were 25 watt output and as we all know more power got you got there farther than the 5 watt radios.

The locals in the San Fernando Valley Ca seemed to all want a secret channel they could talk to there buddies on and in secret. Well it wasn't secret as many had tunable ham type radios. But it was a mystique at the time that drove operators on to a "Secret Channel" We had secret channel "X" buts another story.

ECI, Fannon, Pace (as said) and General Radiotelephone made the BB Radios, I am sure there were others. See the site here, all the radios with BB are Business Band Radios.

General Radiotelephone | The Old Tube Radio Archives

Even some of the older AM Marine radios that were 25, 50, or even 100 watt output radios were converted to the CB Band.

On a humorous note here the boys figured out that some radios would get a secret channel by swapping the transmit and receive crystals in the older radios. Well Channel 10 which was a local channel, if the crystals were swapped you ended up on 26.620 MHz which was 455 KHz below channel 10 which is 27.075 Mhz. This frequency is a CAP (Civil Air Patrol) channel and the boys got quit a snotty and unfriendly reply from the CAP guys, telling to get off and never return...... And in some of the General Radiotelephone advertisements in magazines, they showed the radios with a 24 channel capability and using the CAP channel 26.620 Mhz, WOW!

I think in the 23 channel days 22A and 22B were BB channels but not sure, now they are apart of the CB 40 channel set.

The BB frequencies were above channel 23 which is 27.255 Mhz, like 27.420 and 27.450 and I am sure many more. Again someone needs to post these BB frequencies.

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