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Originally Posted by krokus View Post
Because the ARES activation is for communications support, and site security is someone else's task. Everyone involved is a part of the machine, and counting on the others to do their parts.

If nothing else, it is their organization, so it is their rules. Participation is voluntary.

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The above post is the best answer I have read in this thread so far.

ARES=Communications, because that is what expertise ARES personnel bring to the table and are trained to do.

Law Enforcement=Site Security/Public Safety, because that is what expertise LE personnel bring to the table and are trained to do.

As was stated, ARES participation is voluntary, so if your group is participating in events that put you in unsafe situations that may endanger your life, I suggest you stop volunteering with that group or at the very least bring those situations to the attention of the proper officials (EC, etc..) and voice your concerns.
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