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Ok, at least its not an early 1970s vintage radio with the TO-3 final. I forgot they simply changed the circuit board traces around the transistor for the newer style instead of changing the entire layout. My memory is foggy but it seems like I had the mobile version of your business band radio set up on CB at one time. I also recall having the CB base version and didn't like it for some reason, but that must have been 47 or 48 years ago.

Originally Posted by KC8EVM View Post
It appears to use the Motorola MRF8004 final heatsinked on a90 degree piece of aluminum roughly in the center of the chassis. package style looks to be TO-66. Not nearly as big as a TO-3 case. I haven't benched it yet but when I do I'll give you what it does on the IFR. Researching the MRF8004 the spec sheet calls it a 27mhz NPN PO transistor rated at a whopping 3.5 watts.....
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