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Default Viewing Sites with TGs

I was wondering, is there a way to see which site a department is assigned to in the database? The particular system I'm asking this for is the Fort Worth Regional Radio System here in Fort Worth, TX (Tarrant County). We have multiple cities such as Crowley that I'm not sure if the site that is assigned is Layer 1, Layer 2 etc. Not all departments are simulcast throughout the system. Some are just on their own site like Arlington, Irving and Grand Prairie. Others like Fort Worth share sites with several other cities on Layers 1 & 2..but I'm not 100% sure what sites are for what cities.

Also, a side question, I have emailed the lead database admin a couple times with interest in becoming a database admin but have never received any kind of reply. Is there any other way to contact him or is his contact even up to date?

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