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As a covert suburban operator, and running a nifty shack, i need a simple, functional and effective 2m/70 cm antenna.

I have an attic set up as well, ranch home, duct work up there too.

I chose an arrow j-pole Arrow Antenna J Poles 2m 146 70cm 440 OSJ

I used a flag pole mounting kit and a 4' 1.5" wooden dowel to mount antenna too, ran feed line down into office below attic, into my kenwood tm-281..

I routinely hit repeaters 100+ miles away and have gotten 20-30 mile simplex qso's too.

Arrow makes a great antenna, omni directional, no issues at in in tx or rx, get great signal reports....

behind j-pole is a radshack wide band discone connected to my uniden hp-II digi scanner....performs well too.

Good Luck.
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