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Default NX 210 Slow NXDN Decoding

I have an NX210G VHF firmware K4.75.00 that seems to take a second or half second to decode NXDN signals on most channels even ones set to NXDN only with very narrow 6.25 spacing. Once the radio decodes it sounds fine, has good receiver specs it seems and doesn't appear to have any other problems. I don't remember off the top of my head if power saver is enabled as it does this on scan as well. The green light will come on, it'll do the priority alert beep and then after a delay the audio will pass. It's copied programming from an NX200 with only the model changed. The 200 decodes almost instantaneously in the same scenarios. The only other quirk I've noticed with this one is my squelch opens up completely with a setting of 1, 2, but closes at 3. I'm pretty sure my 200 opens at 1, and closes at 2. Anyone have any ideas? Both units were purchased new.

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