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Originally Posted by Spitfire8520 View Post
Bringing this topic back to light as I believe there is an error with the Infobox_TRS_P25 and P25P2 templates. I do not believe that the CTone field is relevant to any P25 system as is it specifically related to Motorola systems. The CTone field should be removed from all P25 infoboxes.

I am a bit unsure on how to approach this as the current P25 infobox has been mass deployed to more than a hundred articles with "CTone = ?" already set by default.
Good afternoon Spitfire8520,

Thanks for pointing out this issue, but I am already monitoring it, and have been since the design-phase of the Infobox_TRS update project.

Right now, I am still in the testing-phase for the new InfoBox TRS templates, though I am deploying the templates in a controlled manner while testing each individual deployment, (not "mass-deploying" -- meaning not without evaluation of the template-design at each step).

As I encounter any issue with template-design, I investigate and research the situation, and then adjust the template(s) accordingly, but only after ensuring that there are no exceptions to the hypothesis (whether a parameter should be added or removed).

Even though I agree (since initial design) that the parameter CTone seems to be unnecessary for P25 systems, the CTone parameter was included because, during the research part of the design-phase, the parameter was found to have a value listed in the DB and/or the Wiki for at least one P25 or P25P2 TRS.

During design and testing, I have been watching for this CTone issue, and already plan to review all of the P25 / P25P2 TRS pages (in DB and Wiki) again before ending the testing-phase, to confirm whether the CTone parameter can be removed, or whether it must be kept.

If during that review, I find that the CTone value is not displayed in the DB and also not in the Wiki for the P25 / P25P2 TRS's, then I will remove the CTone parameter from the related templates, and update the template-calls on the related P25 / P25P2 Wiki pages. (Of course, on the other hand, if the CTone parameter has a specific value in either the DB or the Wiki, then those situations would need to be addressed individually before I remove the parameter from the template.)

I appreciate you posting your concerns here instead of making adjustments to the templates that are still being tested.

Thanks again for bringing up the issue.
73 QDP
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