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A pair of hamstick type antennas in a dipole configuration on 20m and up works ok but below 20m the efficiency is dreadful. I've tried them on 40m and they suck. A much better approach might be an end fed half wavelength of wire held up with a fiberglass mast and a 64:1 matching transformer at the bottom. That will work the same as a full size 30m vertical dipole but easier to deal with being fed at the end near the ground.

Originally Posted by gregory21greg View Post
Hi I need a 30 meter antenna that is cheap and does not require guys. I also cannot have a wire dipole. My thought now is to use 2 30 meter mobile antennas and make a vertical dipole. I'm thing about using this mobile antenna:

ProComm PCF30 - 30-Meter HF Fiberglass Ham Stick Antenna Black 500-Watt
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