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Originally Posted by GTR8000 View Post
While we're on the subject, how does the Wiki handle P25 systems that have multiple SysID's, WACN's, NAC's?
The new Infoboxes that are still being tested can handle multiple values for those parameters without any problem, as comma-separated values, which allows natural wrapping within the column. Also, the html <br/> command can be used to force a new-line, if really needed. Commas are easier for most people, and should be used unless there is a clear reason to employ a <br/> in the parameter's value-list.

Examples of comma-separated values
e.g.: SysID = 123, 234, 345, 456, etc.
e.g.: WACN = ABC12, ABC13, ABC14, etc.
e.g.: NAC = 123, 124, 125, 150, etc.

Examples of consistent multiple values
e.g.: WACN = BEE00 (for all SysIDs)
e.g.: NAC = 123 (for all SysIDs)

If you know of a different use-case, please let me know, so I can consider it relative to the current template-design. -- Thanks.

After testing and initial deployment is complete, and all "initial" template-changes have been finalized, I will create corresponding documentation for the templates which will include examples of multiple values for the given parameters.

Hope this helps,
73 QDP

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