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Default New Problem / Question Zenith 3000-1

I have had my Zenith 3000-1 for about 6 months. It has been working well on all bands, for the most part, and I am satisfied with it. Last few weeks it's been acting up. When I turn the radio on ( does not matter what band or mode ) It will work well for sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes more. What happens is the radio volume drops down considerably. I have heard I may need to change the capacitors, however audio quality on this unit is very good. Once the volume drops, the radio gets hot, particularly the battery box. I have another battery box, so I tried that, and got the same problem, so it must be a problem within the radio.
I do have the original AC adapter, and the radio can run on that for hours with no problem, and it stays cool.
What I did 2 days ago was I gave the battery connectors a short burst of de-oxit, and also the AC plug.
Once I did that the radio appears to be running like it did before. I hooked up the battery box ( looks pristine ) and ran the radio for 4 hours, no problem whatsoever, and the radio stayed cool as well.

I guess my question is what is or what happened ? Any body have this issue with a 3000-1 before. It's very strange behavior.
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