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Default Investigating Mayak satellite status

Dear RadioReference forumers!

This is Alexander Shaenko, head of Mayak project (Mayak).

We have troubles with Mayak solar reflector deployment ( and now investigation reason of it. One of my hypothesis is general problem with cubesats deployments on 600 km orbit.

According to some data ( Corvuses-BC, LEMURs and Flocks 2k are in primary operations, but no information about NanoACE, MKAs-N, Iskra-MAI-85, UTE-UESOR and CICEROs.

I am starting this thread because, unfortunately, Mayak have no radio on board, so we, Mayak team, can only use data from astronomers and NORAD and use exclusion method to investigate spacecraft current status. The idea of this investigation is check status of Mayak's "rocket mates". If most of them fails that this is the reason to ask Roscomos about off-nominal situation during ascending to orbit.

So, could you please check status of NanoACE, MKAs-N, Iskra-MAI-85, UTE-UESOR and CICEROs spacecrafts, does them transmit anything?

С уважением, Александр Шаенко.
With best regards, Alexander Shaenko.
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