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The only similar issue I've had with my Zenith 3000-1 is when I was using the 12 V wall wart (which came with the radio -- I got it at a ham radio consignment shop in the 1990's).

The radio would dim in volume and basically shut down. I learned that it was the final transistors heating up and shutting down, because the wall wart putting out more than the required 12V DC.

The final transistors do not like voltages higher than 12V. So the only thing I could add to what Martin said would be to ensure that your Zenith never be supplied with more than 12V. My battery is not original, it's a jimmy rigged AA holder that supplies 12V battery power. I haven't used the wall wart since the radio shut down, and won't ever again.

Since I've used only the AA battery pack, I've had no issues with the Zenith whatsoever.
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