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Default Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTable updated

Good evening Wiki-editors,

Earlier, another Wiki editor used "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTable" as the starting point for "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTableWOCave ats" and "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTableWithCa veats" which were created as additional stand-alone templates with lists that duplicated the original template's lists, but with or without the foot-notes accordingly.

Since the original template was created for the purpose of avoiding both duplication of lists and the difficult maintenance they can create, "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTable" was just updated, and now has two optional parameters, "HideNotes" and "TWidth" that provide the option of hiding the foot-notes, etc.

"HideNotes" is a parameter that simply wraps all of the notes and footnote-numbers that are to be hidden, leaving a cleaner looking table without the list of notes below it. When called with no value, it hides the unwanted text.

"TWidth" is a parameter that allows a Wiki-editor to override the default table-width value as needed case-by-case.

As seen in "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTableWOCave ats". It is called in the following manner (example sets 35% width) :
{{Text SDObjectOrientedScannersTable|HideNotes=|TWidth=35%}} <!-- % is the code for the percent sign; result is value of 35% -->
(In the above code sample, the percent signs should be seen as "& # 3 7 ;" (without spaces), but the parser converted it to the percent sign.)

At this point, "Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTableWithCa veats" is a duplicate of the original template, and serves no additional purpose. It will/should be blanked and deleted because of redundancy.

"Template:Text_SDObjectOrientedScannersTableWOCave ats" has been updated so that it calls the original template using the new parameters to hide the notes and narrow the table's width. This template, could be preserved for convenient calling, or deleted if there is only one instance when the notes need to be hidden. Someone else will need to decide that.

Please post comments/questions.

Hope this helps,
73 QDP
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