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Default 8600 after two weeks

The 8600 is my first receiver since selling my 8500 and 5000+3 years ago. Very impressed with it and for my goal of one receiver to use on HF mainly when I don't want to use the PC, it's outstanding and delivers everything I could ask for. Haven't spent much time above 30 MHz yet but it did well on VHF air, UHF and a few APCO P25. (Diamond discone just temporarily on a ground tripod outside my office window)

HF performance with a simple Par EndFedz sloping from about 20 feet up feeding the 8600 and a new CloudIQ (you intend to buy just one radio...) through a Stridsberg MCA102M is much, much better than I expected on HF.
Not having any issues with the SP-39AD but the 8600 is powered via a Pyramid PS8KX and I didn't see a significant noise or performance change when I changed from the SP-39AD power, possibly just didn't notice it but it didn't affect my rx at all. (I can say that dimmable LED desk lights were terrible from 7 MHz up to 7.3 MHz.)

The 8600 is connected to ground (short cable to a 6ft rod) and LMR-400 coax is connected to Alpha Delta TTG-350 (N type and UHF) surge protectors on a grounding clamp on a 6 foot ground rod. That by far made the biggest difference in dropping noise on HF and I think is the best $ I spent aside from the 8600.

My only very minor annoyance is I find the 8600 touchscreen not quite as accurate as I'd like or that I am touching where I expect the input to be and after a few weeks still have to attempt it again often. I've calibrated it and using a stylus it's easier, so likely just getting used to it.

My only PC use with so far was as the external radio with my SDR-14 which was quickly not very meaningful, on the 10MHz IF just trying to recall how to use it.

Thanks to those who have shared info on this thread - helped me a lot with mine.

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