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The multiple connections on the receiver is great. It would be better if there was a detector output.

I looked at the USB IQ USB port some more. I have done some work with the IQ port on the AOR AR-Alpha and made a ExtIO dll that worked with it. I noticed the ICOM IQ USB port has similar endpoints and I suspect ICOM is using the Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP chip as well. The EZ-USB FX2LP is designed to connect to DSP and FPGA chips and efficently do high data rate transfers. The AR-Alpha driver appears to be a rebadged Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP driver.

So it is possible for me to create a driver for the ICOM IQ using the Cypress driver. The major problem is I do not know the commands to turn on and off the ICOM IQ stream. It is done on the AR-Alpha by sending commands to a Bulk Out Endpoint. I suspect there is a CI-V command on the ICOM.

73 Eric
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