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Originally Posted by escortz28 View Post
I have not had time to install and configure yet, will report back to the Forum when I do.

oceans777 - which receiver option did you select in HRD and what version of HRD are you using?

I'm using HRD 6.4 and selected the Icom IC-R7600 V2 and most HRD functions work such as AGC setting, filters, mode etc. The IC-R7800 works too - main thing is to set the CIV address (96H) in HRD and mine is using COM3, 38,400 in HRD. I'm pretty sure I set speed to auto in the 8600 port settings and the other setting you need is change the 8600 USB port you're going to use (I'm using front) to Echo Back On.

Not at my 8600 tonight but I think that's it - I'll check when I'm home later and see if any other settings.

I can confirm too that HRO is out of the programming software as mine is back-ordered.
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