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One interesting feature of version 1.10 (and later) is being able to save the configuration in an earlier format using the "Save Form" menu item. Versions 1.01 and 1.02 used the same format. I assume version information is saved in the file so a radio with version 1.20 firmware can properly read the version 1.10 generated configuration file.

The "Save Form" feature is useful if you have to downgrade the radio to an earlier version of firmware. The current format should be used when upgrading the firmware.

One downside of the Icom website is their manual download pages lack version information and dates. The version is the last digits in the file name. It is currently 2 for the CI-V manual. I suspect the major change is adding support for reading and writing the new Scan Resume items and adding "Hold" to the Scan Pause time. It will be interesting to see where in the command structure they add the new commands.

73 Eric
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