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I just visited the Smokey Mountains for the Eclipse and stayed at a campground that advertised WiFi. They had WiFi, you could see the antennas, and if you stood in the right place long enough, you could maybe, get your mail. Less than 10% of the time. Poorly configured, few non overlapping channels deployed. WiFi is good for a 300 foot radius at the best.. forget high power AP's, the limitation is the low power and non antenna in the subscriber.

Then there was the Cellular. My 2006 vintage Motorola Razr flip phone got CDMA service in most places, but my wife and son with Samsung smartphones, no service anywhere, not even voice. Made no sense at all.

How many years has this technology been developed and it is still hit and miss?

Throughout the whole trip I was receiving GMRS stations on a proper non Chinese portable, and even worked a 23 mile simplex from Clingmans Dome. Also got a QSL card for 446 Simplex. How about that!

FM land mobile is not dead, it is still fresh, unlike most IP voice services which smell bad.

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