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Originally Posted by ElroyJetson View Post
What do you think?
What do I think? I think that people have been predicting the end of ______ since the dawn of time, and yet most of those predictions don't pan out.

Remember not too long ago when Nextel Direct Connect was the hottest thing going, and many predicted that service would replace LMR? Yeah, not so much. Nextel is gone, and every month another municipality (local, county, state) is spending millions on a trunked radio system from Motorola, Harris, etc.

Cell phone coverage has gotten better over the past decade, but it is still nowhere near public safety grade. Certainly not when first responders are sharing the bandwidth with the general public. In some specific cases cell phones have replaced LMR, such as EMS to Hospital reporting and for sensitive comms where encryption is unavailable, but cellular will never replace LMR wholesale. There are many places where there is no cell phone coverage, yet the local LMR system works like gangbusters.

And if you're banking on a public safety grade, nationwide, LTE system like FirstNet to replace LMR with the same level of coverage and reliability...yeah, good luck with that.
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