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The PD I support as well as all the public safety agencies in my county are all 100% analog VHF.
There are currently NO plans to change that.

1. The topology of our county requires a lot of radio sites to cover, even then, it's not 100%. Those sites are expensive. The backhaul is expensive. The maintenance is expensive.

2. None of the agencies have the budget to do anything more than buy "P25 capable" radios. No one has the budget to upgrade the infrastructure, backhaul, etc.

3. Even doing anything other than VHF is out of the question. The terrain makes 700/800MHz a poor choice.

4. Cellular carriers have an awful time covering the populated areas. Even on my commute to work along major roads, AT&T can't provide coverage. I've got a 5 mile stretch with zero coverage. Verizon has built out the area using small cells on utility poles, but that's it. AT&T has a -l-o-n-g- way to go before they'll have anything that's considered reliable coverage. Even though FirstNet will rely on mobile "hot spots", if there's no coverage, there's no coverage.

Sure, there's changes coming, but it won't be fast. The larger agencies in the major metropolitan areas have way too much money invested in P25 systems. Even with huge tax bases, they won't get away tossing that investment and jumping on the next. The federal grants are drying up, so the cash cow has died.

But sure, eventually your analog scanner will become less and less useful.
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