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The future of LMR is this: if you are investing in legacy infrastructure that doesn't have an IP based core, you're living in the past and banking on dated technology no other than the guy who thinks VHS will be supported for the next two decades and manufacturers will still be churning out machines and blank media.

I have seen and experienced converged technology (Harris BeON) and this is the future of public safety radio: converged devices, both traditional LMR radios with on-board WiFi and LTE as well as LMR band support, to the app that runs on modern cellphone/tablets/desktop: all seamlessly connected to an IP-network. The transport medium is irrelevant.

As far as scanning, well by traditional means of monitoring over the air radio traffic, technology marches on. Encryption, the scattered nature of comms now being able to take place over different mediums (LMR, LTE, WiFi) all mean the end of easy passive monitoring.

I don't think LMR will completely disappear though, even though it is going IP. It's much less expensive to deploy and maintain than LTE, requires much less bandwidth on the backhaul, is very robust, and tremendous competition now exists for both P-25 and other digital such as DMR/NXDN/TETRA. Products like this make converged networks affordable and scalable and building a multi-site, multi-mode converged LMR system a reality, with the basic call processing subsystem based on industry standard SIP, so porting it or integrating it to LTE or any SIP based system a breeze.

There is one major selling point that governments like about LMR: they have complete control over it if they wish. No reliance on some telecom provider or balancing the fleet users needs with consumers. FirstNET is supposed to answer this concern for public safety LTE the way ESINets are the answer to converged and redundant PSAPs.

LMR is not going to go away, but it is going IP.
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