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I think some of the others have really hit the nail on the head. LMR isn't going anywhere, it is simply adapting with technology. FirstNet has its place to augment LMR subscifbers but AT&T has likely bitten off more than they can chew with a 5 year deadline to provide 99% coverage (when after 20 years of serious development and that level of coverage doesn't currently exist). To this day, I can still drive less than an hour out of a major city, lose cell service and let my finger wander to the site button on my radio only to see a 100+ RSSI level display.

LMR is going to IP base and for the most part, all digital capable equipment in current production supports IPv4 at a minimum. Away with the channel banks and having the ability to phase T1/T3's out for more direct IP based mediums.

Adapt to further enhance the quality of communications. That's where the industry is going.
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