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Originally Posted by ElroyJetson View Post
Just to point it out, do you realize that we are approaching the sunset of two way radio as we know it?

The future is data fusion, IP connectivity, wifi, LTE, and in general, business and public safety communications will become more and more an app running on a customized smartphone-based device and less and less a conventional or trunked two way radio.

IP-based, wifi two way radios with PTT functionality have been available for a couple of years now.

As I've heard, Harris has made no plans to follow up their all-band XL200P and XL200M radios with a future generation replacement, as they're banking on radio networks that are based on one flavor of wifi or another.

I suspect Motorola has similar plans.

I think P25 Phase II trunking is the practical end of the line for radio as we know it now.
It'll be around for a while, but when the P25 systems reach end of life, what replaces them will be
smart devices adapted for public safety and business requirements, running communication apps
that are also customized for the purpose.

What do you think?
Digital is crap in environments with wind and noisy machinery.

It is also problematic for security and other emergency personnel in a fire situation.
Security needs a simplex analog option.
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