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Default User management on digital systems

Please forgive me for asking what will no doubt be considered a daft question, but I'm thinking about changing one of my repeaters to a DMR version.

It's a small area system here in the UK, and just three users, each with a different CTCSS and they exist with little co-channel issues.
User 1 is a small business with very little traffic
User 2 is similar, and again has very little traffic
User 3 is based around vehicles all talking to each other and while traffic is heavy, it's concentrated in the evenings and night time when the other users are hardly ever working.

The repeater is on permanent talkthrough and coverage is not an issue.

I also use it myself occasionally on a fourth CTCSS tone.

My question is simply how you manage multiple users on a DMR single repeater. I could put the must user on slot 1, say cc1, but how do I separate the other two, or even three users if I include my own occasional use of the system. Does the repeater repeat anything it receives on both slots, or is some kind of processing involved that limits or blocks traffic on certain CCs.

My concern is that if it repeats everything, then if somebody added their own radio on a different cc - I wouldn't be aware of it, and they could get free use of my system. Looking at the manuals for the repeaters I'm thinking about, they don't make any of this very clear at all.

Can they all offer me 3 separate users, each independent? Or will certain brands do this while others won't?
If it helps I'm looking at a Hytera 620 series - probably a 625, but I don't need IP connectivity - but the three user thing is essential.

This also appears to offer analogue AND digital, so could I migrate the busy user to digital, while leaving the other two for a while on analogue?
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