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Anybody and everybody can and eventually will pick up a malware infection or virus of some sort. Nobody, not even a top expert, is immune. We all get curious and we all click on something that isn't as innocent as it seems.

Which one of the antivirus companies tries to install some stupid toolbar when you go to do an update? I forget which one but it's either the Ask or Bing toolbar and I've become rather expert on rooting that CRAP out of my computer with a vengeance. I. need. no. extra. toolbars. I'm better at registry edits than I ever wanted to be.

Kaspersky may be Russian but it works when everything else failed. I'll keep it. I'm boring anyway, if it phones home to moscow, Putin will see what's on my computer and close the connection out of sheer boredom.
No, I will not program your radio for you. No, I will not give you any software. Don't ask unless you want a rude answer.
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