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You could try this site:

However, it's only as good as the data you put in.
I'm a bit confused, are these two systems for the Sheriff and Fire department? If this is, then it's a "life safety" type thing, and you'd need to be very careful about this. Not saying you should't try, but be aware of the liability if things don't work.

While it is a big expense, hiring a consultant to figure out the myriad of details can be very valuable. That can save a LOT of headaches and a lot of money.
Putting antennas at 330 feet is going to take some work. If you don't get this right, you'll spend more money on new antennas and install. That can add up quickly. There's a lot involved in getting this right, and having an experienced person assist is a real good idea. While I can appreciate your desire to save the county money, this really isn't something to design using input from bunch of strangers on an internet hobby radio site. I'd strongly recommend hiring a professional 2 way radio consultant to assist you. They'll have the tools and experience to start this off on the right track. Trying to do this on the cheap using the internet as a source of information might turn into a bigger issue. Especially if the radio coverage puts officers/fire fighters lives at risk. That can quickly turn into a nightmare with unions, lawyers, etc. Just don't want to see you get hoisted for this.
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