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Default PSR-800 New kid...

Hey guys!

New to the forums, or at least to posting, so please forgive me ignorance and low knowledge of this topic.

Now, I have a PSR-800. It was bought for my dad a few years back and rarely ever used. I work for a large airline here at MSP and have been an av-geek for a long time. Figured I would blow the dust off and grab the scanner again but we never really fully learned how to use it from the get go, just more so played around with it in the past.

I would like to, and need to, learn more about it and about scanning as a whole. My goal is to be able to listen to MSP and surrounding airports. As well as the ground communication if possible as well. I have a general know-how of the scanner and the utility program, but no where near an expert. Would could give me some rundowns on some settings, and whatnot to have turned on/off to make it work the best for aircomms? For example, no idea what the ATT button is, or what the G icon means, stuff like that. Like, I said, I am sorry for the lack of knowledge. I know this scanner is a more professional equipment, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

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