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Here in Ohio the interop is so bad the dispatchers usually relay pursuits because the cops have no clue what to use. Complicating interop even more is agencies all use different systems in my county. State is 700, SO is P25 Conv and cities are a mix of Vhf/Uhf. The training is what's lacking I constantly hear users on the state MARCS 700 trying to explain to others how to change zones and TG's. Previous post was correct about they need to qualify on there radios like they do with firearms. The feds are not much better I have a friend who is an FBI agent who says when they do use radios the techs hand them HT's on the way out the door and tell them there all set don't touch anything but the PTT. The rare unencyrypted fed converations I have heard the same conversations about "What Zone?" occur.
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