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Originally Posted by rescue161 View Post
You would think so, but not necessarily. We've had vehicles come in from other installers that just used what they thought would be a good ground, i.e., seat bolts, seat-belt bolts, etc. only to find equipment acting strangely. Dim panel lights on equipment, siren not working correctly, etc. Things would work correctly one minute, but fail the next. Paint, grease or other contaminates can cause a ground to fail.

It is always a good idea to run a dedicated ground from a factory ground lug. They put these lugs throughout the vehicles for factory options. They are usually located at the base of every pillar, and can be found in other areas as well. Don't rely on things that seem like they should work. They can introduce unwanted/sporadic results.
Yup, thats why i was wondering about a ground lead. The ground thru the mount worked ok tor a while, but its gotten finicky lately esp with the electronic air horn. Will be running dedicated ground later today.

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