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My local club should have a 6 meter repeater on the are around the end of Sept. I will be on the same tower our 2 meter is on.
I think our 6 meter will be around the 300' mark on the tower.
Since I didn't have a 6 meter radio I got a old surplus Midland XTR off ebay it's the 100 watt model.
The repeater will be about 12 miles from my house, Now I need to get a antenna, I want vertical like a Ringo or J-Pole and I don't know what I will get yet.
So if anyone would like to give advice it would be welcome.

The 2 meter repeater is on the air now at 146.835 -600 with a 114.8 tone call sign on it is KD5UZA and had good coverage area. We will be putting a new 2 meter antenna on the tower and going higher with it when we do the 6 meter ant.
The 6 meter repeater will be TX 53.830 And RX 52.830 with a 107.2 tone,

So if you hear either one of them jump in and talk.

Oh they are in Jackson, Louisiana about 30 miles north of Baton Rouge.
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