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While my cross-band experience is limited here are my thoughts.

Cross-banding in the ham bands is found on many mobiles. I'll not cover IDing during cross-band as that horse on many threads soundly beaten to death.

You might find cross-band from ham band to non-ham band radios, but my first impression is not a good idea and may be stepping over a legal line.

Cross-banding has a high transmit duty cycle for the mobile. You might come back to a car with a dead battery.

You might find that ham repeater coverage is better than you are aware and you HT might be good enough depending on location. Majority of HTs are 5 watts and I recall a few can do 7 watts. I'm not sure the 2 watts will help unless on the very fringe coverage.

Grow into your objective with the HT first and see how it works in the field. Talk with others to find out what they are using and how well it works.

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