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Yes you can get a mag mount and put any whip,and coil,or commercial antenna you want, I use the 74 A with the 710 ga , it will allow gull remote control and also has a secret 3 digit number as an added level of security over and above TSQL or DCS so no one accidently gets on your link repeater , thd 710 can also identify in morse or a voice to announce your callsign ,and it a gully remote head radio out of the box so the rig can go in trunk or under seat and just kount the head eere its convient, the 710 goes on sale for the holidays I picked a second one up last year new for $509 which is s great price for that much radio Kenwood still gives you everything you need in the box whereas with Icom mobiles you need to buy everything extra like mounting brackets how did the become optional ? Or the radio will go in your trunk but be prepared to shell out $70 bucks for the mic cable, unless you plan on sitting in the trunk to talk (LOL) , YOU can't go wrong buying more radio than you are you are going to use when you 1st get it , maturing into other features of your current rig is preferable to buying a new radio when you do want those features, kick the tires ask questions we don't bite and get yourself s great rig without any buyers remorse !

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