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Absolutely, all mine will although I have no reason to transmit there. If you do it you will have 25 to 30w carrier in AM mode for 100w peak and also 100w SSB. The receive filters in most modern amateur radios are far superior to what's used in CBs including $500 freeband versions. Plus you have full amateur capability if you choose to upgrade.

To me its a no brainer buying a good used 100w HF amateur rig if your shopping for an illegal freeband CB because you will get a lot more for your money and less of the pimp style lights and stupid noise makers. But if your only into pimping and making noise and have no need for any radio performance, then go for the Stryker or other goofy and expensive CB.

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But can the Yaesu FT-857, Icom 706MKIIG or Kenwood TS-50 be modified to transmit on the 11-meter Freeband slot frequencies?
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