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Originally Posted by ant888 View Post
How do you explain this video then?
For starters, you can't believe everything you see on the internet. There are plenty of Youtube videos that purport to prove that the earth is flat. Go read the Miklor article I linked. The Baofeng frequency expansion mods have the following problems:

1. RX sensitivity outside the designed freq range is terrible.

2. Out-of-range TX power is generally zero, or at best far less than what it is in the designed frequency range.

3. RX and TX freqs may not be the scame, because

4. the RX freq may be an image, fraction, or multiple of the nominal RX freq.

5. You have no guarantees that TX deviation or spectral purity meet any sort of standards, even the low ones used by Baofeng for transmitters operating as designed.

Well, his works for some reason, mine doesn't...
Is it because he's using Windows 10, and I'm using 8
No, it's because the video is a bunch of hooey. The fact that the guy in the video was purportedly RXing a NOAA channel means nothing, because NOAA transmitters are hundreds of watts and RXing a nearby NOAA transmitter can pretty much be done with a crystal radio and a paper clip. You're not going to get VHF performance anything close to UHF performance from a modded UHF radio. Which is what most people's definition of "worked" would be.

You need to quit wasting your time trying to teach a pig to sing, and go get a radio that is actually designed to do what you want. A UV-5R is less than $25 if you're on a budget.
Gone camping.
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