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The original Elfa was solid compressed particle board covered in an enamel layer. It was heavy but very sturdy. It used small nylon pins with embedded nails to provide lateral stability. Since there was no way to really protect the spacing one had to customize the stability pins which caused multiple holes to end up on the shelf and desktop bottoms and it got pretty messy after a while.

The free-standing shelves and desktops are hollow but sturdy due to a honeycomb internal structure. This makes them extremely light weight.

Since the supports are always the same distance apart the shelves come with per-drilled holes for wire lateral supports and the desktops fit into the brackets so they do not shift. Since it is all free standing there is not damage to the walls. If I had another couple of feet in the office I could back it off the walls to allow access to the rear for wiring purposes but this works well for me.
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