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Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post

Within that system, you have talkgroup groups titled "Highway Patrol - Troop x: Town Name". The shortest one is 30 characters and the longest is 40. A radio that displays only 16 characters would just show "Highway Patrol -" for all nine of those groups; kind of pointless. Even if they displayed 24 characters, you'd see "Highway Patrol - Troop x". Barely showing one piece of the actual important information in the group title.
If you look at these 2 talk groups,

Highway Patrol - Troop B: Topeka Talkgroups
Highway Patrol - Troop C: Salina Talkgroups

The topeka ones list KHP Troop X Bla Bla Bla etc in the alpha tag. The description side looks good. If the tg identifies the contents within, why the need to have KHP in the alpha tag when the tg is labeled as such?

Now when you look at the Salina ,KHP and the Troop are in the alpha and description. If the tg group is labeled with the KHP and the troop, why is this info listed in the alpha tag and description?

See Kansas pic at bottom


And here on long Island, your in local fire/ems, why do the words fire district need to be in the alpha and or description? You already know you're in fire/ems, so it really should just list the name of the dept and its use.? Like the following,

The db shows,
470.83750 WPPY970 RM 466 DPL E Islip FD   East Islip Fire District Dispatch   FMN Fire Dispatch 
472.42500 WPPY970 RM 88.5 PL E Islip FD   East Islip Fire District Ops   FMN Fire-Talk
It seems like it should look like this,

470.83750 WPPY970 RM 466 DPL E Islip Disp   East Islip Dispatch   FMN Fire Dispatch 
472.42500 WPPY970 RM 88.5 PL E Islip Ops   East Islip Ops   FMN Fire-Talk
East Islip Disp and East Islip Ops. Plain and simple for everyone.

And this is just for the way data is displayed in the database, nothing towards the way data is downloaded to anyone's scanner...

The database needs work, and little by little our admins do make changes. Its not easy and they do volunteer their time. I just wish when db admin "a" comes in and sets a format for data display, that db admin's "b" and "c" would follow the same formatting.

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