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Just wanted to post an update to my G5, had it now about 2 months, and it's GREAT!. I've already sold my Uniden 436, don't really need it anymore, since this unit does most of what I need. Would be great to have a TG hold, but w/ careful setup of the zone/knob positions, not a real big issue. I've noticed an occasional "squak" when the unit has trouble decoding the digitial audio, but no where near what was constantly happening w/ the 436. I can drive all around town & with our 2 main muli cast sites programmed in, listen to my talkgroups without any dropouts, and very few "squaks". Even dropped it a few times across the parking lot, saw it bounce 2 or 3 times, and it was still working. Wish the quality of the audio coming off the speaker was a little better, but has great volume. Well worth the price, especially if you can sell off other existing scanners to help pay for this one.
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