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I'm certainly not an expert in DMR but here is some information to get you thinking -

It appears to me as if the biggest advantage to using DMR in your situation would be the effective upgrade from a single talk path (analog channel) to two independent digital talk paths. I believe that if you mix analog and digital on the same repeater, you would lose this advantage.

As I understand the process, when you set up the software of a DMR repeater, it's up to you to specify how many digital talk groups (and which ones) you will "activate". Overall, you would have MUCH more control over your repeater than would even be possible with a analog repeater, and each of the different users (companies) could have their own discrete talk group. Pirate users would not be able to use talk groups that are not authorized, and you would be able to lock out individual radios from your repeater should it become necessary.

One really big consideration, however... In order to transition from analog to DMR, all of the associated radios must be capable of DMR (digital) operation. Otherwise, you would lose virtually all of the advantages of digital operation. This could be a big expense for you and/or your repeater users.

Best of luck.
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