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This is the snag - one user isn;t really op[en to spending money of any kind as in his words "we only use it twice a day to get everyone in the right place and ready to start, then the next message will be at going home time" I see his point.

What I'm not seeing in the CPS for the repeaters I've had an interest in is much in the way of control. One is able to work in mixed mode, with multiple CTCSS operation for analogue users, but most of the digital functions see, to relate to the single digital setup - I still can't work out if there's any control over the two repeater slots. I can set the repeater to it's frequency, mode, and slot - but I assume this to be just what comes out of the speaker and goes in the repeater mic - if something appears on the input on either slot, it goes out, and the programming just controls what I hear and who hears me while I'm next to the repeater. If this is wrong, then nowhere does the CPS seem to indicate any gate-keeping type functions? If it does repeat anything, then I have no real control. If it only repeats what the CPS allows me to set, then if the operational channel is slot 1, then slot 2 won't be an option? Also - if it only repeats what users are in the lists with ID numbers, then it will be a visit to the repeater every time I add or swap a radio from the system? As for the IP control - nowhere does it provide any information on this - if it let me remote programme it that would be one solution, or part-solution, but I don't think it does - it appears to simply pass the data stream to the network, and receive back additional data - making linking repeaters pretty simple with fixed IP at each end.

The Chinese suppliers have been totally hopeless with repeaters. Constantly having to ask the factory questions on almost every query. One I've been considering is built around two modified FM mobiles inside the case (HYT do this in one of their smaller ones, the TR-50, with two heavily modified portables.

In the DMR repeater - there is a DMR processing board than take the discriminator feed and does digital 'things'. Quite what is does is a mystery. If only somewhere there were proper explanations it would really help.
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